What we do


Corporate PR

B2B specialists with over a decade of experience across different industry verticals, we custom-create effective communications strategies for both corporate clients and new-to-market businesses.
We employ specialist English and Arabic writers with PR and journalistic backgrounds and leverage the strengths of our in-house professional resources to deliver results across traditional print media and broadcast channels, as well as the fast-paced digital and social media environment.

Digital Media

Social media is regarded today as an impactful and efficient tool in shaping perceptions, promoting businesses and driving revenue. Powerful and often unpredictable, digital media works best when approached holistically and integrated into a wider marketing strategy.
We look in detail at clients’ business model, their vision, values, financial targets, budget restraints and their online footprint as well as that of their competitors. With an analytical outlook of all MARCOM components, we design social media strategies aimed at supporting overall business goals while complementing the marketing mix and above all driving revenue.

Strategic Advisory

We’ll ask plenty of questions to ensure we understand your business and objectives, and then research, devise and implement effective campaigns – on time and to budget – delivering results that exceed expectations.
Our experienced team provides strategic advice for success around business-critical issues, plans and projects, public affairs campaigns and engagement with stakeholders and communities. 

Event PR

Turnkey corporate event management is another aspect of the communications mix where we can add value to your business through effective message dissemination.
We manage all aspects of an event, whether it’s participation at a major conference or industry seminar, product launch, exhibition, press conference or full on-site press office organisation. We can also take care of venue booking, set-up and on-site branding.

Sustainability Initiatives

We are also a leader in sustainable communications, supporting several clients in eco-friendly initiatives including the launch of the first carbon neutral vehicle in the Middle East.
We also work closely with the international carbon offset organisation myclimate.org and with Green Globe, the leading authority on sustainability in the travel and tourism industry.

Consumer PR

A keen insight into consumer behaviour motivation and an in-depth understanding of the Middle East regional markets is the basis of our success in the consumer arena.
From new hotel and restaurant launches to healthcare services and retail to charity initiatives, we bring senior level strategic advisory capabilities and dynamic campaign strategies to the table. We provide solutions throughout the entire communications journey, ensuring the results and quality assurance our clients demand. 

Crisis and Reputation Management

We carefully track all issues relating to corporate image and every effort is made to pre-empt potential issues or crises. Why wait for a crisis before putting a crisis management plan in place?
In times of crisis, speed, transparency and effectiveness of message are critical. With crisis management plans prepared well in advance of any situation, we can help manage and mitigate any potential damage to your organisation’s reputation.

Internal Communications

We can manage content and supervise the entire internal messaging process, from concept to delivery. This comprehensive service covers newsletters, brochures, annual reports, intranet messaging and websites.
Involved, informed and motivated employees perform better – and produce stronger results – so keeping them in the loop and engaged is a top priority. Whether you’re going through a change or it is business as usual, we can devise an effective programme that is right for your team.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Most industries and organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the business case for CSR and how it is improving best practices, winning business, reputation management, enhancing the brand and engaging existing or new stakeholders in addition to promoting your brand differentiation.
We can help encourage your customers to feel good about your brand, campaign or initiative. We understand how quickly trends change and the importance of capturing and maintaining the attention of your audience.

Tools we use


In addition to writing speeches, we offer a wide variety of production services such as public speaking training programmes and practical written guides.


We are involved in every step, from the strategic selection of key influencers and opinion leaders in the media to organising and managing travel arrangements. We can also prepare press pack material and destination support activities.


We have a team of experienced English and Arabic writers, from both PR and journalistic backgrounds. Our expertise covers disciplines as diverse as real estate and construction, hospitality, travel and tourism, finance and pharmaceuticals, automotive and aviation.


We can produce professionally written, feature-length articles tailored to the readership of a specific industry sector or publication. These are ideal for promoting your organisation from an issues-led standpoint.


We can train and equip corporate executives from any industry in the best techniques for handling cross-platform media interviews and communicating key messages with confidence and authority.


We recognise the special requirement for website content that is clear, concise and active in engaging with your audience. We can help you position your organisation favourably within the cluttered online space and present your business in the best possible light.


We develop, maintain and monitor a constantly updated database of regional industry-specific events, advising our clients about speaking opportunities at seminars, conferences, forums and trade events.


We can manage all aspects of high-profile announcements, from strategic media invites to the preparation of press packs, speeches and client briefings. We can also take care of venue bookings, set-up and branding.


We are particularly skilled at managing cross-border PR requirements. Our vastly experienced Arabic writers maintain the highest linguistic standards throughout the region, ensuring your communications reach audiences in a language they will accept and understand.


Our media monitoring targets an ever-increasing number of online and offline publications and news services throughout the Middle East. This has the potential to flag real or potential issues for your organisation, while also giving you an accurate picture of the value-for-money we can provide. This reach can also extend beyond the Middle East if required.

social media posts and digital commentary

We understand the importance of generating awareness through engaging online content which encourages customer engagement through liking, commenting and sharing. Our concise and impactful messaging combined with our understanding of social media advertising spend, helps our clients reach a wide but highly targeted audience, driving traffic to the client’s website.