UAE-based hospitality group to support local communities and schools, employee welfare and the environment

UAE-headquartered hospitality company, TIME Hotels, has strengthened the positive impact it is making on local and regional communities through an impressive calendar of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives successfully completed in the first half of the year, with several more planned throughout 2019.

The campaign, a mainstay of TIME Hotels’ commitment to improving the lives of others, is based around four main pillars: Workplace, Marketplace, Community and Environment, and incorporates a year-round series of initiatives to mark each one.

To date, the company has taken part in several initiatives, including the Dubai Cares Walk for Education; invited local students to plant vegetables in the TIME OAK Hotel & Suites to promote eco-friendly initiatives; hosted International Women’s Day to promote women empowerment; an event to celebrate International Happiness Day; and a can collection day which saw 50kg of aluminium cans collected, among others.

“Every year, TIME Hotels participates in a range of activities to raise awareness of several important regional and global initiatives while also taking the opportunity to support the communities in which we operate. Everything we do is focused on having a positive impact and creating a legacy which generations will be able to learn from for many years to come,” said Mohamed Awadalla, CEO, TIME Hotels.

Additional highlights of the company’s multi-faceted CSR programme this year have included the annual team member party which is designed to recognise and appreciate all employees for their hard work and dedication to the growth of the group’s properties and the excellence of service to guests.

Awadalla said: “It may be a cliché, but at the very core of our success is our incredible team. Their commitment, energy and drive are paramount to our success as a business, and but their enthusiasm to give back to the community allows us to participate in such a wide variety of CSR initiatives.”

Underscoring the importance of employees, as part of World Health Day, TIME Hotels conducted a health check-up, in collaboration with Call Doctor. In all hotels, TIME Hotels staff members and in-house guests had access to a free check-up and consultation with a doctor, as well as a training session on the subject of ‘healthy lifestyle’.

From an environmental perspective, the TIME Hotels team participated in Earth Hour, subsequently raising awareness amongst guests and staff of the importance of a sustainable future.

During the month of Ramadan, several Iftars for staff took place while Iftar meal boxes were also distributed to labour camps in Muhaisnah.

For the remainder of the year, the company will be focusing further on community engagements and social activities in conjunction with the year of tolerance and the newly formed Ministry of Possibilities in the UAE. There will be a walk to raise awareness for breast cancer, the fourth annual TIME Hotels Waiter Race, Gift Tolerance event, as well as the popular Job Swap initiative.

“Our overall aim is to add value to people’s lives and the community in general through a combination of cash or in-kind donations, education and employee engagement activities,” said Awadalla.

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